At one instance, Vaughan shows the narrator photograph's from a collection. There is one of a mangled young woman, this is what the narrator says: "This agreeable young woman, with her pleasant sexual dreams, had been reborn within the breaking contours of her crushed sportscar...The crushed body of the sportscar had turned her into a creature of free and perverse sexuality, releasing within its twisted bulkheads and leaking engine coolant all the deviant possibilities of her sex...Her strong face with its unmatching planes seemed to mimic the deformed panels of the car, almost as if she consciously realized that these twisted instrument binnacles provided a readily accessible anthology of depraved acts, the keys to an alternative sexuality...The deformed body of the crippled young woman, like the deformed bodies of the crashed automobiles, revealed the possibility of an entirely new sexuality. (Pp. 100-2)."