Digital Drag

Jeff Pack '99, Brown University (English 112, 1996)

Cyberspace and Literary Theory

"That's what virtual reality is all about, Jack. We get to be what we aren't. I mean, Gunnar, he gets to be dangerous. And you, you get to be hip. And me? I get to be someone who really could pack a suitcase full of bearer bonds and hop a plane to the Cayman Islands! So why am I doing this?

"Because I wanted to see if I could get away with it!" The tone of her voice was slow, oily, exultant, and frankly, more than a little scary. "Just once, I wanted to do something wild! Something that 'nice little Inge' would never in a million years even think of doing! And let me tell you something, Jack." Her eyes went wide. "IT FEELS GOOD!"

--Bruce Bethke, Headcrash


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