Talking Books

The creators of Myst play with this notion of the traditional text -- the book -- with the video book. That is, in the same room that the player finds the bookshelf of valuable information, s/he also finds two books, that, upon opening, reveal miniature video screens.

Within each video screen, the face of an imprisoned brother pleads with you to help him escape his captivity. Each brother slanders the other, telling you only to help himself, and not the brother.

As the game progresses, the player finds that both brothers become less and less trustworthy, and the dilemma integral to the reader-created narrative arises: "Which brother am I supposed to help?"

In this way, the authors of Myst further this sense of distrust and suspicion in the technologically newer media. It is only through notes, diary entries, and a physical interaction with the father of the sons that the truth is revealed.

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