Awake._Aware????????[rrv Awake. Aware.
Sunday, November 19

Awake. Aware. Consciousness has just entered my mind. The morning sunlight illuminates the silk curtains drawn over the window. Faint voices of laughter sound from far away. I sit up in bed. The bed sheets billow and get tugged a little across my body, exposing my pale legs. She lies beside me, turned away, the blankets now pulled snugly over her shoulder. The face is hidden; hair tussled across the pillow and the line of her hip rolls with the pattern of her breathing. A nasal snore escapes from her mouth when she inhales, followed by a slight puff of air through partly closed lips. Her fingers curl about the base of her neck, thumb tucked into her palm. Without thinking I reach to touch her face--ah! Never a dull moment, I suppose. It comes rather easily--much like climbing back into an old shell. A faint intuition reenters my mind, guiding me through the movements. Words and images come into play upon their own accord; I am always subject to their treacherous sport. "Always," I mumble to myself. The word makes me chuckle, really.

The Bond

Lost Time