As emphasized by the layout of this project, many parallels can be drawn between Crash and Neuromancer.

One key element that is common to the novels is the nature of their heroes. Both Vaughan and Case are seduced by technology. In one way or another they are erotically enraptured in new elements of their environments. For Vaughan, it is the perverse logic of car crashes and eroticism, while for Case it is the matrix.

Both novels depict technology as a force that attempts to undermine its creators by violence. Ballard and Gibson are warning us, that there exist dangers inherent in technology. Technology, by its very nature, simulates and transforms the world it occupies. The authors are warning us that Vaughan and Case are the first victims of this perverse technology, which seeks to destroy human personality, transforming the physical into information, and reducing erotic life to mere exchange.

One of the things that made Crash so poignant was the fact that the symbol of technology was the automobile, something that is quite ordinary when contrasted with something like the matrix or stimsims, which are rather fantastic. Crash is a science fiction that is hyperreal rather than fantastic. Baudrillard says, "This is what distinguishes Crash from all science fiction or almost all, which most of the time still revolves around the old couple function/dysfunction, which it projects into the future along the same lines of force and the same finalities that are those of the normal universe. There fiction surpasses reality (or the opposite), but according to the same rules of game (118).

Although Crash's power comes from is accessibility to the modern reader, Neuromancer is able to explore other boundaries of technology. Through the comparison of Crash and Neuromancer, it is plausible that if we extrapolate into the future along the lines of the world depicted in Crash, we will face the world of Neuromancer. It is worthwhile to speculate what Vaughan would think of the matrix, a world where his new perverse logic can exist unfettered, free of the constraints of reality. The hyperreality of Crash becomes the virtual reality of Neuromancer.