This is my midterm project about animation. I relate animation to our increasingly fragmented efforts as human beings to find visual representations that help us understand the world we live in.

This is an incomplete project, and in later days, other pages, graphics, and thoughts will be added.

This is called the zero page, an account of the thesis I formed half baked in my mind since I started watching cartoons, and other forms of animated media. Animation is the flattened, floating cite in which various ideologies about how to represent ideas, be they 'real' or 'imaginary', go to bat.

In order to get a sense of what I am think about, please follow the links that interest you, and enjoy the conflation of the word 'animate' which points to movement, a sense of movement, a sense of existance, and a sense of real, without directly connoting such.

The main exploration in asking why animation might represent a virtual world we have naturalized and contextualized in various ways is how that 'virtual' understanding of reality gets strange as we move into an age of technology where images generated by computers can respond to input, creating an interactive virtual world, rather than a fixed linear narrative of 'movie'. Or that in such a world, we check our ideals about space and life at the 'console'. That movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? can feature virtual cartoonish stars as well as live-action human ones. That shows that are completely animated can captivate the nation.

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