Hi, I'm Virgil Reality. I'm the CEO of Hypertextual Consciousness, where "The Value-Added Network meets the cyborg-narrator in whose sight we see the world all over again."

The cyborg-narrator speaks:

"My motto is: Quality is Quantity.

"I was recently quoted in the Disney Times as saying: The 'weightiness' of effect is incurred by the digital co-conspirator as 'value.'

"I hope to translate this 'value' as a counter-aesthetic measure. I do this in all kinds of ways including various name-changes that can occur at the click of an icon (I can become any number of names including GRAMMATRON, HTC, Mark Amerika, Gregor Samsa, Maldoror, etc.).

"Today I am Vergil Reality, touchstone mechanic of command-control-options, a vegetarian's vegetarian. I network my 'value' via the Revolution of Everyday Life. This counter-aesthetic networking, part of the avant-garde lineage but beyond it, further promotes the survival of the meat/electricity interface even though the counter-aesthetic itself may be actively engaged in a practice of writing and/or performance that would prefer to see the electronic and meat worlds become monumentally disrupted."

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