Hypertext, as a concept, suggests an alternative to the more rigid, authoritarian linearity of conventional book-contained text. In the middle of reading or viewing a hypertext (and isn't it always a middle-reading?), the reader/participant (co-conspirator) is given a number of options to select from so as to break away from the text-block being presently read, thus enabling the reader/participant to immmediately enter a new writing or textual space. These options, or alterna-reading choices, remind one of the remote-control devices we use to channel-surf with our TV. A hypertextual viewing style would be one where the reader/participant (co-conspirator) actively clicks their way into new writing or textual spaces (at this point we would expand the concept of writing to include all manner of text, graphics, moving pictures, sound, animation, 3-D modeling, etc.). Hypertext, as a more narratologically-minded (fictionally-generated) clickual reading/viewing style, could be construed as kind of Literary MTV.

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