The cyborg-narrator speaks:

"How can we even begin to consider a national information infrastructure when we can't even get our act together transportationally? The hypertextual labyrinth that makes up the aviational composition of US airspace and the sorry state of our train service, lead us to believe that what's missing most in the contemporary American landscape is a fully integrated network of alternative transportation modes, alternative that is, to the dead weight of the killer automobile and its grotesque excuse as a way to corrupt our passage from one imaginative-living space to another. A more pervasive psychogeographical city-without-cars, one that is made of digitally composed mobile-code as experienced in the virtual worlds of cyberspace, will only be useful if we have a concommitant national train-bike-bus infrastructure that enables the geographically inclined nomadic-cyborg to focus their precious attention on creating advanced works of art that evolve a more hypertextual "infrastructure itself," one that takes care of the transportation needs of atomated humans (their nomadic DNA forever reconstituting itself as the ever-expanding narrative environment).

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