Immerse Yourself in a Book

This is why it'll change something: Total immersion.

Just what you get from a book. Absorption, entrancement, escapism, all that. You create the narrative (kinda like Myst, but better). You create your own world.

Sure, there's a plot, there's a narrative of sorts already set up. But you go any way you want. You can't do that in a book. And you can't do that in a movie.

Take a murder mystery for example. Think Agatha Christie. Think Murder on the Orient Express if you want a movie. This is different.


You're Poirot. Or you're the murderer. Or you're the victim. You choose.

Or let's talk about real literature...

It's all up to you. This world, this universe, is so vast, you can start anywhere, go anywhere, and finish anywhere.

It's all up to you.

Talk about an active reader, huh?

(Of course, there are some problems...)

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