Thitima S.


Artist's statement:

At an age where mass consumerism is a powerful marketing engine, design is facing a new challenge, which is to satisfy the mass rather than just conforming to the desires of the industrial designer. Industrial limitations, marketability, geographic and economic issues enter the field as prevalent design considerations. Ergonomics and semantics may have to give way to cost. Hence the redefinition of a so-called good design.

Yet this new principle of design comes with its vices. Form and function might be compromised to suit manufacturing requirements.

In my background, i wanted to use the theme of repetition to demonstrate the effects of mass reproduction: multiple reproductions which causes disorientation for the user. One no longer knows how to distinguish between the real and the imitation. Even if one does, it may not matter as the real one may be another replication of something else. As Plato says, "Art is reality twice removed". Products are thrice removed given it is usually designed and produced by different units. And originality seems relative as the market progresses with exponential speed. Today, what one designs may be innovative but loses this quality with time given more notable innovations by others or simply made obsolete by changing conditions. (hence the blue figures in "motion")

The figurine with the mask is to question the qualities of originality. Although the figurine on the top left hand corner may be the clearest, the figurine unmasks itself to reveal an almost devilish expression. I wish to demonstrate the farce of the whole situation whereby the truth should no longer be taken as face value. Rather the original should perhaps be redefined individually. Which is why i left the pink figure in a solid color. The general impression may be there but the detailed perception would become arbitrary in the eyes of the beholder. Even when given two choices, the lowest probability ever for a choice to be made ( the two circles and its elements), one might not even be able to make that decision as to which one is the original given the capabilities of reproduction.

Technical explanation:

I used 3 images mainly. One from 'The nightmare before christmas', the blue figure which is an eggcup designed by Stefano Giovannoni, and the table lighters which only appear twice. I used motion blur to create the blurred effects and layering to create the differing intensities of opacity. I began with 4 main colors in the background and created differing tones by adding additional layers of colors.

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