Fake World Trade Center 

                Plane Crash Photo


This photo, titled UHOH.JPG or MISSING(1).JPG, purports to show a hapless tourist posing on the roof of the World Trade Center a split second before the first plane struck.
Besides the more obvious trimmings of a fake related to the WTC buildings themselves (see the link below for more details), the photo exhibited other clues to its lack of authenticity.
The tourist is dressed for cold weather in a winter coat with a wool pullover hat, on what began as a beautiful New York morning. The temperature was approximately 72 degrees (the morning low was 66 degrees); top wind speed that day was less than 15 mph. Look at other photos taken that day of people and you'll see no winter coats.
The photographer also seems blithely unaware of the impending impact with the large airliner he could clearly see in his viewfinder.
The news media (Gamma Press) videotape of the first crash attack shows the plane literally divebombing the building at a downward angle, with its left wing tipped down. In the faked photo the plane is leveled.
While the sun is shining from the guy's left, producing harsh shadows on the right side of his face, the plane is evenly lighted from above.
The bottom line is, there are lots of clues in this photo which shout FAKE!, and the digital alterations were really pretty sloppy and should have been obvious, but the photo has still been forwarded around the planet as a supposed "tragic last moment" of someone's life.