Tear Down Your Wall
Chen Han

Tear Down Your War

Artist's statement:

"Tear down your wall" is created to remind us of our own psychological obstacles and mental barriers. These "walls" often unknowingly manifest and surface when we are faced with a situation. The strength of "these walls" is stronger than any real physical walls that are created to separate people or spaces. The digital image uses images from the Berlin Wall, a scene with a dying man and an imaginary wall of crosses. It tries to contextually montage three images to communicate with its viewers. Its tone of seriousness and severity is also a reflection of how people in today's highly mobile and fast-paced world are more concern with their own desires and needs that they often neglect what is happening around them.

Technical explanations:

The digital images are obtained from different sources. The Berlin Wall is "transformed" using the free transform tool to obtain the right perspective. The original words/ graffiti on the wall is then removed using the clone tool to merge the texture and colours with the rest of the wall. The words "tear down your wall" are then created using the brush tool. The dying man's blood on the ground was original monochrome. The polygon tool is used to outline the pool of blood before red paint was used to change the colour of the blood. The blurring effect of the dying man is also done by using the filter: radial blur to blur out part of the image. The red crossed were drawn in photoshop. It was later then free transformed into an imaginary wall that is next to the dying man.

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